Grand Porto

Custom-made supporting frame filled with quartz sand Shelves plain, with sand or lead filling, or mixture. Individual design of colours and veneers.

Technical Details

The creative coronation of the Sial Analog Series is the Gran Porto, which rounds off the Sound Base program to the top. Three legs, a tried and tested concept, filled with a quartz sand/ lead shot mixture in this case, meet three bronze bearings towards the floor. This allows sustainable correct adjustment which makes securing the spikes a mere child’s play. The upper ends of the three columns are crowned with porters, which hold the shelf in massive cylinder blocks filled with construction foam resting under a metal lid in vacuum. The heart of the structure is the eight centimetre thick shelf build in sandwich construction, which allows no resonance at all. It is acoustically dead. In between the padded birch platforms are ligaments laid out in Fibonacci rows embedded in quartz sand.